“Our group of experienced officers is a leading provider of title insurance and escrow services and a broad range of property and timeshare-related services to corporate clients and consumers around the continent.”

Escrow accounts and title services for international transactions are often necessary in trade, to ensure the goods purchased by the buyer are received in good order and according to the buyer’s agreement with the seller.

Our team can always provide the buyer and seller with peace of mind, through TRUST Escrow Accounts (referred to as “TEA”) so funds for their transaction are secure. Additionally, TEA accounts are FDIC covered accounts insured by the United States Government. Our team also serves as a 3rd party in the transaction to insure proper release of funds according to the irrevocable terms of the TEA escrow.

For instance, a typical buyer would open a TEA account and provide specific terms for the seller. If the seller agreed, then our team would open a TEA account with both parties’ approval and the seller would wire funds to held in an FDIC insured account until transaction was concluded. Upon successful delivery of the sellers’ goods to buyer, our team would release funds to the seller.